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Fall in Love Meat Sauce

Fall is here! Some pretty amazing things I equate with fall: big, cozy sweatshirts, hot cups of coffee, thick socks and slippers, apple-picking, pretty foliage, waking up to Dante nudging my arm so


I was in the middle of making dinner last night when my friend Judy alerted me that Rossobianco (3 Deering Ave., Portland) was having their soft opening. I quickly stopped making

PDC Sugar Shack

If you’ve been around me for the past few months, you know that I was in a perpetual state of trepidation/uncontrollable excitement for a meal that I had been planning


Peddleman’s opened this past Saturday night inside Union Bagel Co. (147 Cumberland Ave.) debuting their falafel sandwiches to the general public. Scott Ryan and Tara Rancourt’s operation will run out of this

A great little Saturday…

I had one of those perfect little Saturdays this past weekend. Got up without the alarm and headed to Willard Beach for the first time with Dante and A. Even

Is this offensive?

David Chang of Momofuku fame recently posted a picture on his Instagram account of a pupusa. This time, however, it wasn’t the actual edible that stopped me amid my usual quick-scrolling


Can I say anything that hasn’t already been said in all the reviews written, TV pieces aired, and accolades already bestowed upon Primo, the two-time Beard Award winner Melissa Kelly’s restaurant in Rockland, ME? Probably

Dot’s Bakery

I celebrated my birthday weekend this past weekend by going up  north to stay at my friend’s parents’ house in Bremen, ME (if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!!) It amazes

Regional Chinese Sunday Dinners at Bao Bao

When I moved to Portland about this time last year, I was on a frantic job hunt. I lucked out and found a few within a couple of months, and

Inside, Outside, Above, Below

When two of your friends who you already know have great taste in food (on top of being seriously talented artists) design an interactive dining experience with one of Portland’s